Restaurant Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Bin

The quality of People’s life always can tell from the small part, Doublux trash bin could be just the part. It will directly shows its owner’s noble by the fashionable appearance, novel function, fresh smell, etc. Once you get a Doublux trash bin, not only garbage collection would be much easier, your life style will also change.

Product Details

ZOLDE Series Exclusive Touch-Free Sensor Trash Can
Raw material of exclusive touch-free sensor trash can

The raw material of all the black plastic you can find in our garbage bin is new material Polypropylene (PP), the most obviously difference between the new and old material is the odor, the new one doesn’t have any odor, as the old one has pungent odor. All the colourful outer barrel are made of colourful paint and composite materials, the RS steel bin is made of 410 stainless steel.


Product parameter(specification)of the Intelligent Sensor ZOLDE Trash Bin

Model Name








Liner volume



Stainless steel or DPD protective coating

Cover mechanism

Soft down, Quiet Close

Seven Color for choosing

Brushed steel(BS)
Moonlight white(MW)
Champagne gold(CG)
Fluorite purple(FP)
Rose gold(RG)
Chanel pink(CP)
Tiffany blue(TB)

Motive power

Intelligent Sensor(3A No.7 Batteries)



Place of Origin

HENAN, China


Eco-friendly, waterproof, dust proof, anti-rust, anti-fingerprint


Living room/kitchen/dining room/bedroom/office


Garbage Recycling and Antibacterial


Product Feature and Application of exclusive touch-free sensor trash can
Intelligent sensor, automatically open.

Doubloux intelligent garbage bin’s sensor distance is 30 cm, which means if there’s any thing reaches about 30 cm on the top of it, the lid would automatically open, and five seconds later automatically closed. Its system can identify the surroundings, The lid will remain open if debris or hand remains within the range of the infrared sensor. Five seconds after your hand moves away from the lid, it closes automatically. Energy saving technology keeps battery life 20% longer in normal daily usage.


Soft close and durable lid
The soft-close lid opens and closes easily and quietly and is designed to prevent odours escaping. A silent-close lid with the patented lid technology stops the irritating ‘clang’ that so often announces a visit to the bin, and has a clever stay-open feature for those times when you need access for longer. And The result of long time mechanized test has proved that the cover of intelligent garbage bin can withstand at least 150, 000 times, so we can say its service life can be at least 10 years.


The fingerprint-proof finish resists smudges to keep the stainless steel shiny for longer and the sturdy non-skid base has rubber pads to protect floors and keep the bin where you want it.


Trash bag fixing hole:
There’s a trash bag fixing hole in the inner barrel of Doubloux Garbage Bin, so the garbage bag would be fixed on the inner barrel, and it also won’t exposed outside the garbage bin.



Easy-removed lid design:
Intelligent sensor trash bin’s lid could be easily removed, user would find it very convenient when need to clean up or change the trash bag. The battery slot(4 pcs 3A size) is on the bottom of the lid, also very easy to replac



Non-Slip Base
With an anti-tilt block under its sturdy pedal, it will always sit still while you’re dealing with rubbish. Non-skid base has rubber pads to protect floors and keep the bin where you want it.


Production details



Period of production
Depends on the quantity, normally 20-30 days after order confirmed.

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