OEM Stainless Steel Pedal Trash Bin

We can offer you the good quality stainless steel dustbin which passed through CE & ROHS certification. If you want to choose a high-end dustbin, DOUBLUX will be your best choice, they are applied to living room, bathroom, bedroom, office, hotel and public places, DOUBLUX has the best brand, the top design, once you choose it, your life will become clean and tidy from now on!

Product Details

Product Introduction---BASEL series pedal dustbin
BASEL series dustbin is the new invention of 2018 which passed through the CE certification and ROHS certification. It is made of stainless steel and the new plastic, look at the lid which looks like a diamand cut, it's very popular at Canton Fair in April, people from all over the world like it very much, so far we have developed dustbin industry for years and our products are more and more popular in the world market. If you are interested in this industry, Doublux must be your best choice.


Product parameter(specification)of the Pedal BASEL Trash Bin

Model Name





Stainless Steel, Tin Plate, new plastic inner bin

Stainless steel grade



21*27.8*29cm/24*32.7*40.5 cm

Product volume



Stainless steel or DPD protective coating

Cover mechanism

Soft close

Product colors

Brushed steel(BS)
Moonlight white(MW)
Champagne gold(CG)
Fluorite purple(FP)
Rose gold(RG)
Chanel pink(CP)
Tiffany blue(TB)

Motive power

Foot pedal



Place of Origin

Luohe, Henan, China




Eco-friendly, waterproof, dust proof, anti-rust, anti-fingerprint


Living room/kitchen/dining room/bedroom/office/public places


Product Feature and Application ---BASEL series pedal dustbin
Soft Close design:

All the pedal dustbins are all soft close, the lid will close softly which makes the closing process very quiet. The whole short closing process finally realize to prevent odor overflow and quiet close.



Surface anti-fingerprint processing technology:
The surface of DOUBLUX dustbins are made with anti-fingerprint treatment, the hand will not leave fingerprints on it, and they are easy to clean.



Garbage bag receiving hole:
The Inner barrel receiving hole is convenient to lock the garbage bag on the inner barrel, and the garbage bag will not leaked outside the dustbin to look nice and tidy. What a tidy and confortable life.


Hidden Odor removal design:
There is a built-in odor absorbing devices under the lid which keep the air fresh, you can put something into it to avoid bad smell.



Human Mechanic Foot Pedal:
Through the scientific design of human mechanics foot board, make your foot easy and effortless.


Extra Strong Handle:
The large extra strong handle enables you to grip and lift the bin easily and comfortably.



Keep the lid open
Keep the lid open is a very important function, which allows the user to replace garbage bag or to open the lid without stepping on the pedal all the time.


Outer barrel DPD Protective coating
The protective coating is orange color, which can greatly reduce the probability of cross infection. Mildew-proof grade can reach the highest level --- 0 grade. It also can effectively inhibit fungal growth; remove other harmful substances, to create you a nice and comfortable environment.


Production Details


1.Do you accept OEM order?
A:Yes, for OEM order is a 40HQ container.
2.Where is your factory?
A:Luohe city, Henan province, China.
3.What about your delivery time?
A:40 days no more than two 40HQ container for our brand.
4.Is new plastic about your inner barrel?
Yes. We use new plastic which is not bad for your health.


Latest News
Customer from Thailand visit our mass production work shop.

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