Stainless Steel Trash Can Reduce Bacteria Time

- Apr 12, 2018-

Stainless Steel Trash Bar Stainless steel's anti-rust properties, coupled with its flickering appearance, make it a popular 20th century kitchen accessory, kitchen sink, pot racks, door handles and even furniture, usually stainless steel, trash because you want to receive all Each type of waste is surrounded by bacteria, viruses, and mold that contaminate the indoor environment every day. It is also a bird's nest of extremely dirty bacteria. Some waste on the market due to the source of plastic materials is unclear and may take some radioactive substances or harmful. Volatile substances, but also health risks, but few people have stainless steel and bamboo, such problems are not just easy to clean. In addition, smaller trash may encourage people to take out trash and reduce bacteria time.

A container used to store garbage, steel made of stainless steel, stainless steel air, steam, water resistance and other weakly corrosive media and acids, alkalis, salts, chemical corrosion, stainless steel case high durability, body made of stainless steel trash can also Fire, strong and long-lasting.