How The Trash Can Deodorise In Hot Weather

- Apr 12, 2018-

In hot weather, the trash can always give off odors due to the weather, and how to make the trash can not become odor has become a problem considered by the environmental protection department. Here are three ways we can talk about trash deodorant:

The first is the lid of the trash can: it can reduce the odor emitted to the surrounding of the rubbish bin, and it can greatly reduce the odor that the user smells when dumping the rubbish so that the dumping of rubbish can no longer be a headache. It is conducive to the separation and recovery of garbage, reducing environmental pollution. When there are mobile garbage trucks to collect garbage, the garbage cans can be removed to facilitate the lifting of garbage trucks and clearing and transportation of rubbish that is placed in large garbage bins outside the bins.

The second is to use the activated carbon block to adsorb the odor of the trash can. The inner barrel is easy to dismantle and wash. The activated carbon block can be replaced regularly, and no odor will be produced. The environment is also ensured and people's health is ensured.

The third method is to reduce the temperature, through the refrigerator to reduce the temperature inside the trash; the power controller is used to control the working state of the refrigerator, can reduce the temperature inside the trash, delay the fermentation of perishable foods produce odor gas Speed reduces pollution to the surrounding environment.