The function of the step type rubbish bin

- Apr 12, 2018-

The function of the foot-type trash can is the tool for putting rubbish in. Pedal type of garbage cans, there are many types of outdoor garbage cans, indoor garbage cans, and so on, but their use is basically the same, are using the foot on the bottom of the Trash bucket section, through the linkage mechanism can be opened garbage cans, convenient and quick. including pivot in barrel and barrel lid, lid opening and closing cover connecting a control drive mechanism, its characteristics are: The transmission mechanism comprises a pedal, a rod and a connecting rod structure, a solid block at the bottom of the barrel and barrel in the description, the lever structure includes the fixed and the lever, the lever connects to the pedal, the opposite end of the connecting rod, a central connection block,

The connecting rod is described vertically by the outer barrel, and the other end of the connecting rod is pivoted in the barrel lid, barrel and barrel to describe the interior of the main owner.