The advantages of stainless steel trash

- Apr 12, 2018-

The advantages of stainless steel trash cans are made of stainless steel and other metal materials, which are very attractive and durable, but the general trash can not use such materials, stainless steel trash material: stainless steel trash bins are all made of high quality stainless steel, bent and stamped once Forming, the product will be used outdoor powder electrostatic spray, after the high temperature, to maximize the service life, the color lasting, bright as new.

,Spray powder is certified by ISO9002 quality system, easy to clean the surface of the advantages, do not fall off, can not afford layer, with galvanized plate barrel, barrel body with handle, convenient sanitation workers, with a professional key, fixed expansion 4 silks.

Dust box maintenance and maintenance: Do not scrub with acidic or alkaline cleaners, just use a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of detergent gently to bright as new, outdoor use for a year, can Use regular protective paints for regular maintenance.