Pedal-type trash can maintenance method

- Apr 12, 2018-

1. Sealed plastic bags of oily living garbage should be put into the pedal bin, and in order to avoid rubbing the oil in the inner drum, it is convenient to clean. At the same time, perishable, rubbish should be thrown away, or odor.

2, choose the garbage in the bathroom, should try to choose a good plastic trash can, plastic trash can be placed rigidly for a long time corrosion rust.

3, when used, you should use light tread, the tread is too hard to put the trash, because the trash is still light quality, stability is not very good

4. When throwing garbage into the trash, the quality of large garbage should be light. To avoid rubbish will destroy the inner barrel.

5, trash should be cleaned regularly, rigid trash should choose a relatively soft material cleaning tools.